Updates on NICE and SMC collaboration on MTA for cystic fibrosis

MTA for cystic fibrosis

On 19 December 2023, we advised that NICE would be liaising with key stakeholders to determine the most appropriate next steps.

Since then, work has continued to ensure that the MTA committee outputs are clear for all parties who would be involved in any formal commercial negotiation. This initial phase is now complete. The next phase will be commercial negotiations.

The ongoing post-meeting activity means that publication of final guidance will be delayed with the anticipated date of final guidance to be confirmed.

While the MTA is underway, the existing arrangements in Scotland and England for access to these medicines will continue. This will be the case for people starting or already taking these treatments. Irrespective of the appraisal outcome there will be continued access after the appraisal ends for patients already receiving any of these medicines.

Further information is available here: supporting-documentation-3 (nice.org.uk)

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