Patient group partners

We work in partnership with patient groups from around the country to capture patient and carer experiences.

We accept submissions from all registered patient groups, from small local support groups to large national voluntary organisations. Patient groups are often looking to speak to patients and carers about new medicines which may help them. 

To take part in the SMC review process patient groups must first register as an SMC patient group partner using our registration form. This is a one-off process and the details can be updated as required. We will contact you each year to request an update. You can either register at the same time as you send your first submission or in advance.

If you need any help completing the form please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You may also find our Guide for patient group partners helpful. Once registered, you can make a submission to us and, if you wish, take part in one of our SMC Committee meetings. All other documents relating to patient group submissions can be found in the making a submission section of our website.

Download the registration form

Find out more about the role of patient group partners at our committee meetings

Watch Patient Group Partner Shelagh McKinlay, Head of Patient Advocacy at Myeloma UK, talk about the role of patient group partners at SMC Committee meetings.

Increased emphasis on public involvement has led to higher quality patient group submissions. This reassures me that I am well informed about the impact to patients and carers when making decisions about new medicines.

SMC Committee member

Our patient group partners

The following patient groups have worked in partnership with SMC since our new registration system launched in April 2015. This list is continually growing, with new groups registering to become patient group partners each time a medicine which is of interest to the patient group they represent is submitted to SMC.

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