Further update on SMC remobilisation

SMC business recovery continues to progress well. 

The first phase of recovery is complete; we have processed all medicines that were in the system at the time meetings were suspended. We are grateful to all who engaged with SMC to allow this to happen. 

Our approach to expedite some decisions has been working as intended, minimising delay and reducing demand on our committee members. We will continue with these interim processes, with some modifications, and will review in autumn 2021.

  • Advice for medicines accepted by the New Drugs Committee (NDC) will continue to be issued following SMC executive review, i.e. these submissions will not be considered by the SMC committee.
  • Advice for abbreviated submissions will also continue to be issued following SMC executive review rather than full committee consideration. These will now follow the standard timelines.
  • Medicines where alternatives within the same class have previously been accepted for use (or restricted use) by SMC may be eligible for the abbreviated submission process – updated guidance and submission form are available on the Making a submission webpage.

We are pleased that companies are engaging with SMC’s interim processes and utilising the most appropriate route for their submission, ensuring that SMC is able to issue timely advice despite the continuing pressures of the pandemic.

We are mindful that the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and this may require us to review our approach moving forward.  

Please contact our team at his.smcsecretariat@nhs.scot if you have any queries. 

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