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beclometasone dipropionate (Clenil Modulite)


Following an abbreviated submission

the Clenil Modulite range of inhalers is accepted for use in NHS Scotland for the prophylactic management of mild, moderate or severe asthma in adults or children. They provide chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-free inhalers with dose equivalence to CFC containing inhalers.

The cost is similar to another (CFC)-free inhaler, however doses are not equivalent to the other CFC-free inhaler product currently available.

Drug Details

Drug Name: beclometasone dipropionate (Clenil Modulite)
SMC Drug ID: 177/05
Manufacturer: Trinity-Chiesi Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Indication: Asthma
BNF Category:
Sub Category: 3.2 Corticosteroids
Submission Type: Abbreviated Submission
Status: Accepted
Date Advice Published: 7 August 2006