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Archived: Frovatriptan (Migard)


Not recommended for use within NHS Scotland.


Frovatriptan is another new 5-HT1 agonist, which is less effective at producing rapid relief of migraine, as measured at two hours, when compared with the most commonly prescribed 5- HT1 agonist. It is less expensive than other drugs in the class. However, the company provided no suitable analysis to demonstrate cost effectiveness of their product.

The licence holder has indicated their decision to resubmit.

Drug Details

Drug Name: Frovatriptan (Migard)
SMC Drug ID: 49/03
Manufacturer: A Menarini Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd
Indication: Headache phase of migraine attacks with or without aura
BNF Category:
Sub Category: 4.7 Analgesics
Submission Type: Full submission
Status: Not Recommended
Date Advice Published: 4 July 2003

Current Advice

Resubmission 9 February 2004