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prucalopride (Resolor)


following a resubmission:

prucalopride (Resolor) is not recommended for use within NHS Scotland.

Indication under review: for symptomatic treatment of chronic constipation in women in whom laxatives fail to provide adequate relief. Overall the manufacturer did not present a sufficiently robust clinical and economic analysis to gain acceptance by SMC.

The licence holder has indicated their intention to resubmit.

Drug Details

Drug Name: prucalopride (Resolor)
SMC Drug ID: 653/10
Manufacturer: Shire-Movetis
Indication: Chronic constipation
BNF Category:
Sub Category: 1.6 Laxatives
Submission Type: Resubmission
Status: Not Recommended
Date Advice Published: 11 July 2011

Archived Advice

Full submission 13 December 2010