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Submission form and guidance

To provide a Patient Group submission for a medicine you complete a Patient Group Submission form. If you have any problem accessing the electronic version of the form we can either email it to you or send you a paper version in the post.

Please remember you will need to fill in a Patient Group Partner Registration form before you make a submission. 

You will usually have between six and eight weeks from when the appraisal is announced to complete and return your submission. The Public Involvement team will advise you on exact timelines for each submission. 

Our Guide for Patient Group Partners explains what type of information you need to capture the views and experiences of the patients and carers you represent. The Public Involvement team are able to guide you through the submission process and are available by email or to speak to on the phone. If it would be of help to you, they can also meet with you to support you.

The information you collect and submit will be used by the assessment team, along with other information, to prepare its reports and by the appraisal committee to develop its recommendations. 

Here is a good example of a patient group submission we received from local ADHD support groups. You may find this example useful in helping you understand the type of information the SMC committee finds informative to assist their decision making. You can also watch a short film in which the patient group talk about making their submission.



If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed on your computer to download our submission forms and guidance, please download it here:

If you want to know which new medicines we will be reviewing in the near future, please have a look at the forthcoming submissions section.