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Category: 10.3 Drugs for the relief of soft tissue inflamation

Name SMC ID No Manufacturer Status Sub. Type
capsaicin (Qutenza) 673/11 Astellas Pharma Ltd Restricted Resubmission
capsaicin (Qutenza) 1140/16 Astellas Pharma Ltd Not Recommended Non submission
capsaicin cutaneous patch (Qutenza) 673/11 Astellas Pharma Ltd Restricted Full submission
collagenase (Xiapex) 715/11 Pfizer Ltd Superseded Resubmission
collagenase clostridum histolyticum (Xiapex) 1059/15 Swedish Orphan Not Recommended Non submission
Diclofenac (Voltarol Gel Patch®) 199/05 Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd Not Recommended Full submission