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Posaconazole 40mg/ml Oral Suspension (Noxafil)


Following a full submission.

Posaconazole (Noxafil®) is accepted for use for use within NHS Scotland for the treatment of adults with specific invasive fungal infections refractory to or intolerant of specified antifungal agents.

The evidence to support the licensed use of posaconazole is limited to one open-label, non- comparative study mainly in patients refractory to treatment with amphotericin.

Drug Details

Drug Name: Posaconazole 40mg/ml Oral Suspension (Noxafil)
SMC Drug ID: 256/06
Manufacturer: Schering-Plough Ltd
Indication: Specific invasive fungal infections
BNF Category:
Sub Category: 5.2 Antifungal Drugs
Submission Type: Full submission
Status: Accepted
Date Advice Published: 5 May 2006