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Interferon-alpha-2b/ Ribavarin (Viraferon/ Rebetol)


Following a full submission

Interferon alfa 2b (Viraferon® and Intron A®) in combination with ribavirin (Rebetol) is accepted for use within NHS Scotland for the treatment of children and adolescents 3 years of age and older, who have chronic hepatitis C, not previously treated, without liver decompensation and who are positive for serum HCV-RNA.

The combination is effective in eliminating hepatitis C virus in children and adolescents. The decision to treat should be made on a case by case basis, taking into account any evidence of disease progression such as hepatic inflammation and fibrosis, as well as prognostic factors for response, HCV genotype and viral load. The expected benefit of treatment should be weighted against the safety findings observed for paediatric subjects in the clinical trials.

Drug Details

Drug Name: Interferon-alpha-2b/ Ribavarin (Viraferon/ Rebetol)
SMC Drug ID: 258/06
Manufacturer: Schering-Plough Ltd
Indication: Chronic hepatitis C
BNF Category:
Sub Category: 5.3 Antiviral Drugs
Submission Type: Full submission
Status: Accepted
Date Advice Published: 12 June 2006