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Archived: Cilostazol (Pletal®)


Following a full submission.

Cilostazol (Pletal) is not recommended within NHS Scotland for the treatment of intermittent claudication.

It improves maximal and pain-free-walking distances more than placebo, but has limited effects on quality of life assessments. There are concerns about clinical effectiveness, including potential for several major drug interactions including with antiplatelet therapy which is recommended by the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) for patients with peripheral vascular disease. The economic case for this product has not been proven and it is substantially more expensive than its competitors.

Drug Details

Drug Name: Cilostazol (Pletal®)
SMC Drug ID: 86/04
Manufacturer: Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe
Indication: Maximal and pain-free walking distances in patients with intermittent claudication
BNF Category:
Submission Type: Full submission
Status: Not Recommended
Date Advice Published: 9 February 2004

Current Advice

Resubmission 7 November 2005