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esomeprazole 20mg and 40mg tablets(Nexium)


Following a full submission

esomeprazole (Nexium) is accepted for restricted use within NHS Scotland, for patients in the age group 12-17 years inclusive, for the treatment of erosive reflux oesophagitis, the long-term management of patients with healed oesophagitis to prevent relapse, and the symptomatic treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

The use of esomeprazole for this indication and age group should be restricted to patients in whom maximum licensed doses of generic proton pump inhibitors have been ineffective.

The pharmacokinetics of esomeprazole in adolescents have been shown to be similar to those seen in adults; there is no evidence of comparative efficacy in adolescents in this indication.

Drug Details

Drug Name: esomeprazole 20mg and 40mg tablets(Nexium)
SMC Drug ID: 368/07
Manufacturer: AstraZeneca UK Ltd
Indication: Erosive reflux oesophagitis
BNF Category:
Submission Type: Full submission
Status: Restricted
Date Advice Published: 11 June 2007