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European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD)

European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD) is a Europe-wide campaign held each year on 18th November. EAAD began in 2008 and since 2015 has formed part of World Antibiotic Awareness Week. SAPG has led activities in Scotland to support EAAD since 2009 and works closely with colleagues in Public Health England to raise awareness amongst health and care staff, patients and the public about the need to use antibiotics more wisely to stop antimicrobial resistance.

Find out more about antimicrobial resistance in this film created by our colleagues at Antimicrobial Action for EAAD 2016



This year we are again supporting the Antibiotic Guardian campaign led by Public Health England (PHE) which encourages members of the public and healthcare professionals to make a pledge about how they personally will use antibiotics more prudently, and become Antibiotic Guardians. This year, PHE’s goal is to reach 100,000 registered Antibiotic Guardians by 31 March 2017 and we will be utilising NHS Scotland versions of the Antibiotic Guardian resources to support this aim.

This year we have also designed a new “Stop Antimicrobial Resistance” poster, leaflet and colouring in sheet featuring ‘scary bacteria’. These will be used in hospital and community settings and will feature as the Community Pharmacy Public Heath campaign in the month preceding EAAD.

Resources for EAAD 2016 are available here:

Public Heath England resources can be found here including updated individual quizzes for healthcare staff, infectious disease professionals, prescribers and nurses.

You can find further resources, including games and badges to engage younger children, on the Antibiotic Guardian website

As well as these resources you can still access resources from 2015:

·         Community Pharmacy leaflet

·         Out of Hours Treat your infection leaflet

·         e-bug materials for school children 

·         TARGET antibiotics toolkit available on the RCGP website to improve prescribing practice.

·         Antimicrobial Stewardship - an Educational Workbook for Nurses and Midwives

Older materials and leaflets in other languages are also still available.