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European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD)

The Antibiotic Guardian campaign led by Public Health England (PHE) was first launched in 2014 in support of EAAD and was a great success, with over 10,000 individuals (members of the public and healthcare professionals) making a pledge about how they will personally use antibiotics more prudently, and becoming Antibiotic Guardians.

This year, PHE’s goal is to reach 100,000 registered antibiotic guardians by 31 March 2016 and we will be utilising NHS Scotland versions of the Antibiotic Guardian resources throughout health and care settings across Scotland to support this aim. This goal would be possible if one in every 25 NHS clinical staff, one in every 100 NHS non-clinical staff, and one in every 1000 of the population across the UK registered to become Antibiotic Guardians.

In Scotland we have rebadged the very useful PHE Antibiotic Guardian Leaflet link below.

Antibiotic guardian leaflet 2015.pdf.

There is also a very useful short but informative film that could be used on Board public information televisions

Quantities of the leaflet will be sent out to the Health Boards. If you would like a small extra amount for a stand or campaign please e-mail

As well as the Antibiotic Guardian campaign we are also promoting the use of other resources:

Materials from 2014 and leaflets in other languages are also still available. You can find the link here EAAD materials from 2014·